Who Invented

Who Invented Football?


There is perhaps no man more important than Walter Camp with regard to the early history of American football as we know it. Walter Camp was an all-around athlete, skilled in swimming, running and table tennis with a strong ethic toward physical training. More >>

Who Invented Baseball?


Abner Doubleday has been credited as the inventor of baseball, however other sources site American baseball as having been invented by Alexander Joy Cartwright in 1845 when he established the modern baseball field as we know it in New York. More >>

Who Invented The Automobile?


Most people accept the gasoline powered vehicle with an internal combustion engine as an automobile; however, there were self-propelled steam and electric cars way before the gasoline engine powered car was invented. More >>

Who Invented Basketball?


James Naismith is the man who is credited with inventing basketball. He was born in Almonte, Ontario, Canada on November 6, 1861. Although orphaned at just nine years of age, James Naismith went on to complete four degrees from McGill University in Quebec. More >>